How much time does it take to set up my account?

Setting up your Reputation proxy account is very quick and easy! There is a User Guide to take you through the process as well as over-the-shoulder videos. And, if you prefer, we offer a full bespoke set-up service too!

Do you offer support?

Yes! If you need help setting up your account or at any time, we have a dedicated support team to help you. For a small fee, we also offer a set-up service the entire system for you!

Is Reputation Proxy legal?

Reputation Proxy is 100% legal and completely ethical! Think of it as a full time customer relations manager who is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to customer reviews.

How much time does it take to manage my Reputation Proxy?

Reputation Proxy has been designed to do 99% of the work for you. All you need to do is check into your dashboard to see how your business and staff are performing.

Which plan is right for my business?

The Reputation Proxy plans are managed according to the number of customers/clients your business has on a monthly basis. Remember that you can upgrade your account at any time. We also have an optional multi-lingual upgrade for those businesses that have customers/clients who speak foreign languages.

How does the multi-lingual option work?

Reputation Proxy uses Microsoft’s Translation engine. If you opt for the multi-lingual upgrade, you can set up as many languages as you need and the system will then allow your customers to use their chosen language and EVERYTHING then gets translated for both you and your customer! Even the pre-configured emails get translated to the customer’s language!

Aren’t translation engines a bit flaky?

Sometimes, automated translations can be poor but the beauty of our system is that EVERY response can be tested during set-up so you can be confident that the selected translations will be perfect.

What happens if I receive more than my allocated reviews?

The system will notify you if you are nearing the number of allocated monthly/annual reviews. You should then contact support to upgrade to a higher plan. The upgrade will be instantaneous so you will not miss any customer reviews.

How can I build a ‘reputation marketing’ culture in my business?

A Reputation Marketing ‘culture’ is a customer services orientated culture. This means proactively asking for honest feedback and responding fast to that feedback. It means ensuring everyone in your organisation understands the importance of customer service and satisfaction. We offer online webinars and will be introducing certificated staff training modules to help ensure your staff are all aware of and focused on the importance of building a FIVE star reputation.

How does Reputation Proxy monitor staff performance?

Reputation Proxy includes the option of enabling customers to specify a host/hostess when submitting their feedback. The data is then stored against the feedback and you’ll be able to easily track performance. This module can just as easily be used to monitor other data options included reasons for the visit, products used, etc.

What can be done about existing negative reviews on Google etc ?

Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done other than contacting any of the customers who have left bad reviews (if you can find their contact details) and answering their grievances in the hope that they’ll remove their reviews. In our experience, this tends to be a futile exercise.

The best course of action is to start TODAY collecting 4 and 5 star reviews – recency of reviews is very important! After all, which influences your decisions more – bad reviews posted last year or great reviews posted last week!

Can you ‘push’ sites containing negative reviews down on Google?

Don’t be fooled by services offering for a $5,000 fee to push web sites containing negative reviews about your business down on Google! It is all but impossible to outrank the major review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp on the main keywords and you’ll NEVER get to move Google’s review down the page!

The ONLY surefire way to take control of your business’ reputation is to build a reputation marketing strategy!
1. Ethically and responsibly STOP customers posting negative reviews on the major review sites AND
2. make it super-easy for happy customers to post 4-5 star reviews!
And that’s exactly what Reputation Proxy does this for you…on autopilot!

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